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    Mr William Vance Traces History of Caroline Bay

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    Mr William Vance Traces History of Caroline Bay


    [...]South Canv

    Mr Vance explained that a whal-
    ing station was established on the
    bay in the lat[...]d be on the western side
    01' Stafford Street. The whalers
    used to draw their water from
    Whales Creek, but because the tide
    used to flow into th[...]ve'to go as far as Nelson
    Terrace to obtain fresh water from
    the creek.

    Whaler Caroline

    “Supplies to this station were
    brough[...]a, on to the rocks below. The theory was that the
    water which then used to wash right up to the clifls w[...]ad. The ’eig‘hties saw the
    building of a breakwater and later
    the rubble wall, now the Marine
    Parade,[...]that was said
    to be 40ft above the bed of the old
    Whales Creek. The tramway
    crossed Stafford Street, near[...]y. The ter
    race is still there.

    “With the breakwater came tlu
    accumulation of sand on this onct
    Perry‘s pond with its ducks swim
    ming on the water and the \vater’l
    edge fringed with flow[...]
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